First steps

First I want to thank anybody that shared my app, my blog, my pages. For now we only had Facebook shares likes etc, which was good enough.

I also posted a “spam” link to my app in some Android users Facebook groups which had around ~2K followers. Not much success, BUT I got contacted by the owner of a tech website who offered to write a review if I also add his website in my apps news sources. Fair enough, we will do it after I release v1.1 of and will let you know how this will work.

For now I also focused a bit on “Optimizing Google Play Store details page” because I noticed that if I search for “Stiri” in PlayStore… my app was on the 50th place or so, and all the sh*t apps published 6 months ago and with only 50 downloads in half a year, where like in the 7-8th place. Which is pretty dumb/weird but I hope I will ‘solve’ this soon. Obviously if I search for “Stiri.RO” I will be in 1st position, but I am pretty sure the users will be searching for “Stiri …” in the Play Store. (stiri = news in romanian)

So the above article gave me some good tips on how to improve my rank in the Play Store searches by optimizing my apps description. Hopefully we will get a higher positions in the Play Store searches, because as it is mentioned in the article,  “search represents 80% of high quality organic downloads”, and also to be honest when I search for some application I also won’t scroll down past the 20th position or so, so it’s important that we are in top 10 Play Store search results in a few weeks.

After ~2 weeks we have :

Android app : 50-100 installs

Facebook Page : 65 likes

Google+ Page : 5 followers (G+ is really ‘slow’, people are not really using it, so I won’t focus here to much; even Google declared that G+ is no longer ‘competing’ with Facebook)

So, this is still BAD. Very BAD. But, my plan is to get a couple of articles reviewing the app this week, and hopefully this will increase the user base.

Will keep you posted.


Getting started

A wise man once said :

Get rich or die tryin’.

So with this in mind I am trying to build my own ‘thing’.  A mobile news aggregator for romanian publications. Why? Because all the existing ones are shit, and I thought I can do better.

You can find the Android app here . Or you should have the Google Play badge somewhere around here.

This was the easy part, developing it. It took me ~8 weeks, a few now and then, and version1.0 was ready.

NOW the hard  part is promoting it. Making it ‘popular’ . How the hell do you do it ? I can’t find any good tutorials on this. I can’t find anything on Stackoverflow 🙂 . There are no blogs about this.

So, I guess I’ll have to learn my way. And I’ll write here about it. What I’ll try, what works, what does not work, what is waste of money or time.

Currently after 5 days we have :

Android app : 10-50 installs

Facebook Page : 50 likes

Google+ Page : 4 followers

Now that’s SHIT. We need to start moving somehow.