Play Store SEO : Getting discovered on Google Play

As I mentioned in my previous article I focused a bit on Play Store SEO, because my app Stiri.RO was not in the top searches when searching for basic keywords like “stiri”(news), “stiri din romania”(news from romania) , it was in the 50th place or so.

So I read a few articles about this :  “Optimizing Google Play Store details page” , “Google Play Marketing Advices For App Developers” which I strongly recommend.

I also found a great YouTube video from Google I/O 2013  : Getting Discovered on Google Play

After “consuming” this abundance of PlayStore SEO knowledge and awesomeness I did the following in order to improve my Play Store search rank :

  1. Used at least 5 times the keywords “stiri”(news), “stiri din romania”(news from romania),”stiri romania(news romania)  in my app description
  2. Changed my title from “Stiri.RO” to “Stiri.RO : Stiri din Romania”, as I am expecting users to search for “stiri” or “stiri romania”, and the “Stiri.RO” title itself was not having much success
  3. Removed my EN translation description from the Play Store. I felt like this translations was messing things up.
  4. Made a short video of using the app
  5. Provide good screenshots of the app (was already done)
  6. Target only desired country : Romania (was already done)
  7. Get people to write about your app (was planned, will happen this week)

So remember how I was on the 50th place, and how sad that was. Well, after doing all the above, and 24-36 hours later, if I search now for “stiri” :


Bam! We are in 21st place. Good progress from 50th. And have a look if I search for “stiri din romania” :


5th place! Now that’s what I am talking about. So this were really good tips to follow if you want to optimize your Play Store search rankings. I highly recommend them, as they turned out to work.

Of course, I will mess things around until I’ll be 1st.

Thanks for following! Stay tuned, very soon we will get some articles about us!